Industrial Revolution

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In what industry did the Industrial Revolution first begin

the textile industry

Is 1891 during the late or early 19th century

early 19th century

What were the technological developments in great Britain during the industrial revolution

Ironworks and Railroads

What did Adam smith said real wealth of a nation was measured by what


What was not a major cash crop of the southern colonies

squash was not a major cash crop of the southern colonies

What did Eli whitneys parents do for work

i think its helping with the cotton gin

What was a major difference between industrialization in Russia and Great Britain

Government played the key role in promoting industrialization in Russia, while individual businesses played a larger role in Great Britain. Apex

How was the process of industrialization similar in China and Russia

Industrialization in both China and Russia was guided by the government.

Which of the following best describes the order in which these regions industrialized

B followed by A followed by C

How did the development of the Bessemer process influence great Britain's industrial revolution

It greatly reduced the cost of producing steel used in railroad construction.

When did canals contributed to economic growth during the industrial revolution by

Shortening see voyages between industrial centers and foreign markets

Why was the development of the Bessemer process important to Great Britain's Industrial Revolution

made high-quality steel more affordable for railroad companies.

Which development occurred as part of the Second Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s

Answer this question… Other countries surpassed Great Britain in manufacturing.

how did thomas edison contribute to the industrial revolution

He made electricity less expensive and more readily available

Which statement best describes the railroad industry in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution

It was essential to the rapid movement of goods, workers, and ideas.

As The spread of railroads during the 19th century contributed to U.S. industrialization by:

giving factories easier access to natural resources from around the country.

Which statement best summarizes Japan's response to industrialization following the Meiji Restoration

Japan invested heavily in industrial technology and quickly became an industrial power.

In both the United States and Japan, major effects of industrialization included:

increased urbanization and rapid economic growth.

Which of the following best describes why Czar Alexander II freed Russia's serfs

To create an industrial workforce

Which factor would most likely cause the supply of a company's product to decrease

The company decides to go into a different line of business.

Which statement best describes textile manufacturing in great Britain during the industrial revolution

D: it became much more efficient due to a series of technological advances

Which statement best describes a difference between upper- and lower-class women during the Industrial Revolution

Upper-class women rarely had jobs outside the home, while lower-class women frequently held factory jobs.

which of these groups benefited most from 19th-century imperialism

Imperial nations, such as the United Kingdom and France