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What should a supervisor do when confronted with an employee who is a bigot

An employee can have racial views, but they can't create a hostile work environment. If they are creating a hostile work environment then the supervisor must discipline them just as they would any other employee.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a dining supervisor

The standard duties and responsibilities of a dining supervisor are to manage the dining room employees, perform the operational administrative duties and ensure that the customers are served efficiently. The duties will change depending on the restaurant size and scope.

Reasonable accommodation is a term most applicable to

disabled employees

People must make choices to satisfy their needs and wants


What should top management do during the design phase of a change process

During the design phase, upper level management representatives should listen and respond to feedback from the organization and provide updates on the progress of the change.

What is the meaning of diversity management

Providing opportunity for all employees to maximize their potential

When it comes to dealing with conflict what are some of the common mistakes to avoid

Unethical behavior, poor interpersonal skills, and avoiding the problem

What would NOT be considered an example of an appropriate and reasonable accommodation

Lowering performance expectations

Which of the following is NOT an important trait of engaged employees

Consistently speak positively

What explains the concept of a hostile work environment

It is a work environment made intolerable to a reasonable person by the frequency, severity or pervasiveness of objectionable words, actions or materials.

What is the style of conflict when management attempts to force a solution on the other person


Ignoring diversity can cause

Complaints and legal issues

What is the definition of sexual harassment

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature

With respect to pre-employment inquires and interview questions as a supervisor you may

Ask how an applicant will perform a job, with or without accommodation

Shifting the frame of reference refers to:

Putting yourself in someone else’s position

As the supervisor, you are responsible for transforming your office so that it closely reflects a workplace that values differences in others. How can you support an environment of valuing differences

All of the Above....

Not sure....

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