World War 2

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When was United Nations Established

the united nations was established in 1919.

What happened at the Nuremberg Trials

click the link below to be connected to a website i found that answers this question

What was the largest of the Nazi death camps

The largest Nazi Death Camp by number of kills is Auschwtz with other 1.25 million Jews dead.

What resource did Hitler want to capture by attacking the southern soviet union

Oil Fields

What leader did not keep his promise he made at the Yalta conference

Josef Stalin did not keep the promise he made in the Yalta Conference

What did American leaders learn at Kasserine Pass in North Africa

They needed aggressive officers and troops that were better trained.

What is George F. Kennan's birthday

George F. Kennan was born on February 16, 1904.

At the potsdam conference which nation did the allies agree to split into four zones of occupation

At the Potsdam Conference, the Allies agreed to split Germany into four zones of occupation.

What defense did former Nazis offer at the Nuremberg trials for their actions during the war

They claimed that they were just following orders.

Which of the following was a result of the Battle of the Midway

If I knew what "the following" was, I'd tell you. :/

What was the eventual result of the allied attempts to contain soviet expansion

western and communist countries formed rival military alliances (Novanet)

How did the war change American attitudes toward international issues

most Americans supported America's new global leadership role

What was the main effect on the Nuremberg laws

The Nuremberg Laws allowed for the legal persecution of Jews. Because these were passed, tension and violence escalated and resulted in the Holocaust.

What was the chief reason for Adolf Hitler Anti-Semitism

Hitler believed theJewscaused all ofGermany'sproblems after world war 1

What was the initial response of the united States and other allied countries to the reports of death camps

The Allies expressed sympathy but focused on defeating Adolf Hitler

In addition to stars and colored uniforms what did the Germans do to identify prisoners in concentration camps

Tattooed numbers on their skin.

What was he difference between concentration camps and death camps

Death camps were built to kill prisoners systematically

What might some people consider the declaration of human rights idealistic

The goals of the delaration are honorable but difficult to enforce

Why did the wartime alliance between the United states and the Soviet Union unravel

The United States and the Soviet Union disagreed on the future of Eastern Europe.

After the Yalta Conference which leader went back on the Allied agreement to hold free elections in Eastern Europe

Joseph Stalin

What in theory what is the purpose of the concentration camps

To concentrate enemies of the state in one place.

What group would be tried for their war crime actions under the Geneva convention

The Geneva Convention had set rules for warfare set by international agreements. People committing various types of war crimes would tried in Geneva. Special war crimes were to be held in Nuremberg. This would include Nazi's and other soldiers or leaders who committed genocide for example.

The holocaust was based in anti semitism what is anti semitism

Anti Semiticism is questioning why all the rich people have tiny hats and control the media

What nation emerged as the strongest of the new superpowers after World War 2

The United States

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