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What is technology

Science applied to practical problems (Apex)

An engineering team is conducting a wind tunnel test to see if a new rocket will launch successfully. Which part of the engineering process is the team in

Evaluate the results

is the answer

Why is Steel used to make bridges

Because steel is stronger than wood.

But I'm not sure steel is stronger than metal, but steel is a metal and a pretty tough one.

Is national institute of engineering and solution is affiliated to aicte

What is the national institute of engineering solution is part of delhi management study solution

What is the source of silk

It is produced naturally from silk worms. This is why it is so expensive compared to other materials.

Which of the following best describes what technology does

Improves results

Can somebody tell me what's my next step in life

Anybody can tell you what your next step is but it is best to figure that out for yourself. Of course, that is just someone telling you what your next step is.

The process engineers use to develop a new technology


When you mix two chemicals is it true that it bubbles

Some mixtures of two chemicals will bubble, most will not.

What is the best definition of biology

The Science Of Life

What is the purpose of engineers

Engineers design new products that you buy. They design everything from bridges to planes to computers.

What was important about the Copernican revolution

it demonstrated that scientific understanding was always changing

Where are chemicals found in the home

in every room

How does understanding chemistry help us in the real world

It helps us make informed decisions.

Which of these is an example of an engineering solution

Creating a biodegradable trash bag.

What describes something that is created from scientific data to benefit society


Which of these is not an example of how engineering has affected society

Our understanding of how cancer cells grow and spread

Which of these is an example of how engineers have contributed to society

The seven-mile bridge that spans across the gulf of Mexico to connect two cities of the Florida keys

How has the work of chemists affected the environment

The work of some chemists causes environment problems, while the work of others tries to fix problems.


Which of these lists the different steps of the writing process in the correct order

In order to state which lists the different steps of the writing process in the correct order the list would have to be provided. There are five steps to the writing process. These steps, in order, are pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

When a group of engineers conduct a trial launch of a new rocket the rocket explodes on the launchpad. What should the engineers do next

Answer this question… Study the data to see why the rocket failed and how it could be improved.

Who thought everything was made from earth fire water air


What is an example of environmental problem caused by chemicals

Televisions that contain dangerous chemicals being thrown in landfills.


An engneering decides to develop technology that will help decrease sound pollution due to highway traffic noise. what step of the engeering process did she just undertake

identify a need

What A team of engineers has decided to design a new shoe for people suffering from a painful foot condition what should the engineers do during the planning stage to their project

Consult with an orthopedist about how to best accommodate potential consumers in terms of physical comfort and pain alleviation.

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