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How do you get to crystal island

You Can Get through the Crystal Island after you Enter the Hidden Lagoon Inside the Dark Cave which you have to Wear the Crown to be able to Enter the Hidden Lagoon, the Crystal Island will Automatically Appear after you Enter the Hidden Lagoon. So, Hope it can Help :)

What are some main jobs in the mediterranean climate region

Fishing and farming are two of the main jobs in the Mediterranean climate region.

Which two ethnic groups were involved in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994

The Hutus and the Tutsis.

Were Ottoman Turks Sunni or Shia Muslims


What are the Abrahamic faiths

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam religions.

What is percentage of shi'a in Egypt

at least 1% of egypt population are shia muslims.

but sunni/shia relation in egypt is different of other countries.

in egypt shia and sunni have close relation and sunni muslims love 12 Imams of shia and sunni muslims of egypt can be called nearly shia.

there is no shia/sunni conflict in egypt.

egypt Muslims are mostly fatemi that are lovers of Imam Ali and Ahl al Bayt.

In what areas of Eurasia is the most rapid urbanization occurring

The areas of Eurasia in which the most rapid urbanization occurring are along the coasts and some rivers. The countries with the most rapid urbanization occurring are:

  • China and Hong Kong. Set to grow 7.3 percent in 2014, China and Hong Kong is the most rapidly growing market in EY's recent report.
  • Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is set to grow 6.3 percent in 2014 as its economy leaps forward from 2013's 5.5 percent real GDP growth.
What were the reasons that Central Asia has been conquered repeatedly

Central Asia is close to several societies that developed over the centuries between Europe and Asia, each of whom found that there were benefits to controlling the territory. This included the nomadic tribes known as the Huns, and the later Mongols.

What is a Hindu social division that starts with a C


Are fossil fuels a form of thermal energy

Fossil fuels are a form of chemical energy. When they are burned, some of the energy is converted into thermal energy.

The following are Abrahamic faiths

Abrahamic faiths are the faiths according to prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him, PBUH)) mission that calls for full submission to Allah (God in English). They include:

  1. Judaism, per Torah God revelation to prophet Moses (PBUH)
  2. Christianity, per Bible God revelation to prophet Jesus (PBUH)
  3. Islam, per Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
What is the opposite of fossil fuels

Non-fossil fuels, renewable fuels.

Which of these countries are smaller than Pakistan A Brazil B Sudan C Cambodia


What ocean would cross if you went from eastern agrica to India


Are there natives in Antarctica

No, Antarctica has no permanent human population.

What is the primary goal of OPEC

The primary goal of OPEC is to stabilize prices in the oil market. OPEC is composed of twelve oil exporting countries: Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

What are the 5 themes of geography in Uganda

location, place, riegon, human environment interaction, and movement

Is there such thing as the New Zealand Bittern

The New Zealand Little Bittern is an extinct species of bird that was native to New Zealand.

What is curtural diffusion

The spread of ideas from 1 place to another

When the price of oil drops this usually means that OPEC has done what

Increased Oil Production.

Are the Himalayas in Iceland

The Himalayas or Himalaya for short, is a mountain range in Asia, separating the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.

So, No. The Himalayas are nowhere near Iceland.

What Jewish beliefs are shared by Christians ans Muslims

One God.

Abraham is the Father of many nations.

How many countries were in the European Union in 2006

There were 25 countries in the European Union in 2006.

What describes the relationship between the United States and the Philippines at the start of the 20th century

The United States decide not to grant the Philippines independence.

The Philippines was guaranteed a chance to become an official state.

Which best describes the majority of countries in 0PEC

they Want. Go

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