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If you ask someone out and they say no what do you do

Being rejected is painful, and a part of life. You can always ask someone else out. The confidence that you have in asking this person out, can be used again by asking someone else out. Take some time to before asking again. But never stop asking.

What is the longest word in the english language with no vowels

Twyndyllyngs is the longest word in English that doesn't contain one of the five vowels.

What happens once in a minute twice in a moment and never in a thousand years

The Letter M

You are at the beginning of every end and live within the end of time. you are also at the beginning and end of every eye. what are you

The letter 'E'.

What eight letter word contains only one letter


An envelope usually contains only one letter.

What goes up and never goes down

Someone's age

What eight-letter word contains only one letter

This is a common brain teaser. The answer is envelope.

The word itself has eight letters and a physical envelope can contain a single written letter.

Why is the number six afraid

because 7 ate(8) 9!

Broke my wing mirrorWhat is the cable dangling for

It is your automatic mirror cable.

What month do soldiers hate

forward march

What is greater than God more evil than devil poor people have it the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die

The answer to the riddle is "nothing."

Nothing is greater than God.

Nothing is more evil than the Devil.

The poor have nothing.

The rich need nothing.

And if you eat nothing, you'll die.

What is more useful when it is broken

This was quite hard to answer but after a while i got it, the answer is a glow stick when you break it it glows haha

What has nothing left but a nose when you take away an eye

Noise. Noise-eye(I)=nose. Get it!

What season is a most dangerous one

Winter is the most dangerous season.

Where does a ghost go swimming

In the dead sea.

What does it mean when the elephant is laying on its left side

It is not laying on its right side!

How many inches a house is

From front to back, or from side to side or how high?

Can i chop my own head off


How does ink change the color of a flower

the ink goes in to the flower and changes the color of it and ya

Which nutrient keeps your bones and teeth strong

Calcium, such as milk, keeps your bones and teeth strong.

What is rich in the world

river is rich because it has two bank

What is the beginning of eternity the of time and space the beginning of every end and the end of every ace

The letter "e."

What bird can run as fast as a horse

An Ostrich can run as fast as a horse

What is black when it is clean and white

a chalk board

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