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When were the terrorist attacks in New York City

They attacked the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.

What do abbreviations BC and AD mean

BC means Before Christ

AD means Ano Domini (after Christ)

What do historians study in the past

Human activity - particularly that which is documented.

Which of these early historians was more concerned with clearly presenting facts than telling an interesting story


Which of these writers combined history with stories about gods


What is a key difference between the earliest works of history such as Homer's The Odyssey and modern works of history

The earliest works of history also incorporated mythology

What was the significance of the scientific revolution to the study of history

Historians were influenced by scientists to evaluate their sources more critically

How does the modern study of history challenge earlier histories

By questioning weather there source are reliable. (APEX)

Which method separates modern historians from ancient Greek historians

basing history on witnesses views of events

What is an approach a cultural historian would take to the Cuban missile crisis

Answer this quesWhich of the following is an approach a cultural historian would take to the Cuban Missile Crisis?tion…

When historians ask questions about variations across different groups of people with common traditions they gather information from .

cultural antropologists

What does the term historical thinking skills mean

Skills applied when analyzing evidence to study the past.

How does historical thinking skills can be divided into three main processes asking question and

gathering information

A historian using the historical thinking skill of examining historiography might

Compare histories we by people who fought on different sides of a war. (APEX)

Reading history critically means

Verifying facts and thinking about the writer's motivations.

If a historian wanted to study data-based trends of a culture's relationship to Earth's physical features which kind of expert should she consult


Which situation would be more likely to occur in the modern era than in earlier periods of human history

A student in Japan practices English by talking with students in Ireland over the internet.

What historian using the historical thinking skill of chronological thinking might

Using a timeline... battlefield. Apex

How does the modern study of historian challenge earlier histories

how does the modern study of history challenge earlier histories

What information with the cultural historian receive that the economic historian would not

Stories about the experience of being unemployed

If a historian wanted to determine whether iron tools can be found in the ruins of an ancient African city which of expert should he consult

An archaeologist.

Which methods separates modern historians from ancient greek historians

Basing historical accounts on reliable evidence

Which historian using the thinking skill of primary source analysis might:

Interview civilians who are currently living in a war zone. (APEX)

When The Soviet Union and the United States nearly went to war with each other in 1962 when the United States discovered Soviet missiles on the island of Cuba the event called the Cuban missile crisis was resolved peacefully after a several days of...

Interview us and Soviet leaders about differences in costoms that affected the negotiations. (APEX)