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In some people it is possible that with age the ability to control these muscles deteriorates.

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Q: Do aging people lose their ability to work their muscles in the rectal area?
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How does aging impact on muscles and organs?

aging has a very bad impact on organs because due to it the efficiency of organs reduces

How does aging affect the muscles?

As we age our muscles tends to become more atrophy thus we become less flexible.

What is the effect of aging on skeletal muscles?

The muslce will decline in size and stamina, or simply lose mass.

Could aging cause hearing loss?

Yes, hearing loss often is a condition caused by ageing.

What effect does aging have on skeletal muscles?

loss of bone mass from demineralization and brittleness from a decreased rate of protein synthesis

How do you write a sentence using the word aging?

you are 50 now. Everyone can feel the Aging.

How can the effects of aging be slowed?

The effects of aging can be slowed if people follow sensible diets and good exercise plans.

Can you give other people aging points on howrse?

yeah you just go to your friends list and click the gift and if you have any aging points, it will show aging points the you click it and you just sent your friend a aging point

How will the aging of America's population strain the government's ability?

The aging population will strain the government's ability by increasing demand for social security, Medicare, and other healthcare services. This will put pressure on government resources as the number of older adults relying on these programs grows, potentially leading to budgetary challenges and the need for policy reforms to address the increased costs.

What is the definition of natural aging?

When people talk about natural aging, this is defined as allowing the aging process to take place without any type of alterations. Some anti aging alterations include plastic surgery, and Botox injections.

What effects does aging have on muscle tissue?

As people age, their skeletal muscle mass starts to deteriorate. Your skeletal muscles (also known as lean muscle) are the muscles that attach to your bones and are under voluntary control.As a result of deterioration, people begin to look, well, flabby as they get older. You may see these changes start as early as your 30s, but most people see the biggest changes between their 40s and 50s.

Why can aging produce a cognitive decline?

I am unaware of the full answer. But I do know it has to do with the rate of cell division and how it slows. It does not come to a full stop, but the rate of cells that are dying remains a constant. This can be seen in phsyical aging too (wrinkles, weakness in muscles, and arthritis).