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When I got pregnant I had sore nipples but no flu like symptoms. Now I have the flu/cold and my nipples are sore (im not pregnant).

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Q: Flu like symptoms and sore nipples does that mean im pregnant?
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If a female cat has nipples is she pregnant?

no, it doesnt mean she is pregnant. A male and female cats both have nipples. The females use theirs if they ever get pregnant. It is a storage area for milk for when she is pregnant.

What does it mean when the top of your nipples turn brown?

U pregnant

If you have sore nipples that are red can you be pregnant?

You could be, in the sense that it doesn't definitively mean you're not pregnant.

Just because I have the symptoms does that mean im pregnant?

No, you can have the symptoms and not be pregnant and not have any symptoms but still be pregnant. The only way to be sure is to take a test.

I have sore nipples that have been hard for 2days and headaches what does this mean?

You are possibly pregnant

Can boys experience sore nipples?

yes but it doesn't mean your pregnant

What does it mean when dog nipples leak milk?

She is pregnant and not far from giving birth

What does it mean when your nipples become dark?

That you're pregnant. That's usually one of the first signs women notice.

When you are pregnant and have your period is it accompanied by pms symptoms like bloating and sore breasts?

what i mean is, have those symptoms before and during period, but not all the time.

If you have white buds around your nipples does that mean that you are pregnant?

i don't think these are pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you should talk with your doctor

Your nipples are brighter could that mean you are pregnant?

Possibly - but it's not a symptom I've ever heard of

Your nipples are quite tender they are worse later at night Does this mean you are pregnant?

dat s0 hawt