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Good question. If Alcoholism runs in the family, you have to be careful. Even if it does not, alcoholism kills over 125,000 people per year. When the time comes and you realize that you have a problem, AA is the solution. Call 1-800-ALCOHOL. Don't be afraid...they won't bite.

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dont drink it

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Q: How do you control alcohol intake?
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Does calorimetry measure alcohol intake?

Calorimetry measures heat energy released or absorbed during a chemical reaction or process, not alcohol intake. Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests are typically used to measure alcohol intake.

What is alcohol intake?

That's another term for alcohol consumption.

Characteristic of alcohol intake and lactation?

Alcohol easily enters breast milk

What influences teenagers to intake alcohol?


What are 4 tips for weight control?

There are MANY tips for weight control. Some common, easy-to-follow ones are.... * Portion control * Limited snacking between meals * Cutting out / reducing fast food intake * Cutting out / reducing soda intake * Cutting out / reducing saturates and trans fats intake * Cutting out / reducing processed food intake * Drinking plenty of water * Taking daily vitamins / supplements * Daily exercise * Limited alcohol consumption * Healthy varied diet * Low stress levels

What happens when you eat fatty foods before intake of alcohol?

You need much more alcohol to get drunk. It is most cost effective to drink before (or instead of) eating. Consumption of fatty meals after excessive alcohol intake does not generally annul the effects of alcohol.

Can alcohol cause dementia?

Actually, there is something called alcohol dementia that is caused by excessive alcohol intake over many years.

Why is it imprtant to control salt intake?

If you don't control your salt intake, then u could get some serious health issues.

What effect does alcohol and smoking have on cataract formation?

Smoking and alcohol intake have been implicated in cataract formation.

Will Spacing out your drinks helps reduce your alcohol intake?


What can exessive intake of alcohol cause?

everything BAD that you can imagine.

In terms of alcohol abuse what is loss of control?

The anesthetic effect of alcohol on the brain.