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The amount of time HIV can live outside of the body is dependent on the amount of fluid present. Once HIV leaves the body its a very short period of time, regardless of the amount of fluid, until the virus is dead. A matter of a few minutes maximum.

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You can't tell the duration in seconds. However, HIV can survive outside human body from several minutes to several hours, depending on the environment.

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Q: How many second HIV virus alive outside human body?
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How can HIV virus be killed outside human body?

The HIV virus cannot be "killed" outside of the human body because it is not technically alive. However, it can be effectively inactivated using common disinfectants such as bleach or heat treatment. These methods help to break down the virus's structure and render it incapable of causing infection.

What infectious agents cannot live outside of a human body for extended periods of time?

human immunodeficiency virus

What keeps a virus alive?

The Virus is a Harmful code which spreads all over the Computer and take all the memory location and spoils it.If you are Pc is infected with virus then immediately scan it with Anti-Virus software's.

How many times does HIV virus live in water?

HIV is not able to live outside the conditions of the human body.

What is the lifespan of an influenza virus inside a body and outside?

the following are different answers ive found for you :Depends on the virus. For example HIV usually dies fairly quickly outside of the body whereas Hepatitis B can live on a dry surface for weeks.HIV and even Hepatitis C have relatively short lifespans outside of the body. Hepatitis B is about 7 - 10 daysnever read that HBV outside the human body can survive more than 1 month.the lifespan of HIV is not more then 30 second outside human fluids and this is a very short period to play such a mischif.Please make it clear.So this panic can be removed.hope thts at all useful-x-Sebarau

Do raccoons have AIDS?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is not able to live outside the human body. Racoons would be unable to contract the virus.

Does HIV stay alive in dried blood?

HIV will not survive long outside the body; in most cases if the blood is completely dry, the virus is dead.

What is the full meaning of H I V?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Is HIV alive or dead?

It's a virus. It's alive.

Why isnt a virus alive?

A virus does not fulfill all requirements for life, eg. no reproduction through meiosis or mitosis

Is HIV a virus or bacteria?

HIV is a virus,as its full form is human immuno virus.

Does the rabies stay alive after its saliva is dried?

No, the rabies virus cannot survive outside of a living host for long once the saliva dries. The virus is very fragile and is typically not transmittable through contact with dried saliva.