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the same is for me.... i have been off for 9 weeks and i have been having them symptoms plus back pains and a lil spotting. i have taken 5 test and they all were negative. i think u and i are pregnant... get a blood test done.

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you are definitely pregnant congratulations!

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Just the nipples being sore are not the only sign of pregnancy. If you have nausea and also camps then there is a better chance of saying that you are pregnant.

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Q: My lower stomach aches my nipples are sore I have been off of the depo shot for 7 weeks but have not had a period and the pregnancy test says negative do you think I could be pregnant?
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Can you get negative Test and have pregnancy symptoms?

im only 5 weeks pregnant and I had pregnancy symptoms before i was even far along enough to get a positive pregnancy test such as minor heartburns, horrible breast pain and nipples sore and itchy. And minor stomach cramps and nausea.

Why are your nipples sore and your stomach hurts when you sneeze you have took a pregnancy test and it was negative?

You're ovulating. Sounds like completely normal pms symptoms.

What causes sore nipples vomiting stomach cramps and no period?


Why would your stomach swell and you have symptoms of being pregnant if a pregnancy test is negative?

Your stomach might be swelling because you are eating alot. If you think that you are pregnant, you can go to the doctors office and they can do a blood test on you to see if you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your stomach hurts and you can not eat?

Yes, you can be pregnant if your stomach hurt's and you can not eat. Best way to tell, is get a pregnancy test.

You have been on the depo 4 3years since dec you have had signs of pregnancy but test are negative and your blood test was low but your stomach has takin shape and you feel flutters?

A negative pregnancy test means you're not pregnant. Your symptoms are likely due to gas.

Can you tell if you are pregnant by stomach symptoms?

no. stomach symptoms could mean lots of other things and are NOT determinant of pregnancy. get a pregnancy test.

Your female rabbit belly is getting big and her nipples are growing?

These signs can indicate pregnancy in a female rabbit. It is important to provide a comfortable and quiet nesting area for her. Make sure she has a proper diet and access to fresh water. Consult a veterinarian for further advice on caring for a pregnant rabbit.

Having all the pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test now you feel movement in stomach?

Probably just gas. If your were pregnant you would feel a babys movement around 18 to 20 week.

Should your stomach hurt after you poop if your pregnant?

This is not a symptom of pregnancy.

If your stomach bubbles after intercourse are you pregnant?

There are no signs or symptoms immediately after sex that demonstrate that you're pregnant. "Stomach bubbling" is not a symptom of pregnancy.

When you press your breast white fluid come out your stomach is bloat but you had your period had unprotected sex home pregnancy test say negative please advice?

your probably pregnant