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Q: What could A herniated lumbar disc could interfere with?
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Disc desiccation at each lumbar lore?

Disc desiccation is the loss of fluid in the intervertebral discs. When this occurs at each lumbar lore, the disc is not herniated or bulging and there is no surgical treatment.

What is intervertebral Disc Displacement Lumbar?

An intervertebral disk in which the nucleus pulposus has protruded through surrounding fibrocartilage. This occurs most frequently in the lower lumbar region. Alternative terms: Intervertebral Disk Displacement; Disk Displacement, Intervertebral; Disk Displacements, Intervertebral; Displacement, Intervertebral Disk; Displacements, Intervertebral Disk; Intervertebral Disk Displacements; Intervertebral Disc Displacement; Disc Displacement, Intervertebral; Disc Displacements, Intervertebral; Displacement, Intervertebral Disc; Displacements, Intervertebral Disc; Intervertebral Disc Displacements; Disk, Herniated; Disks, Herniated; Herniated Disk; Herniated Disks; Slipped Disk; Disk, Slipped; Disks, Slipped; Slipped Disks; Disk Prolapse; Disk Prolapses; Prolapse, Disk; Prolapses, Disk; Prolapsed Disk; Disk, Prolapsed; Disks, Prolapsed; Prolapsed Disks; Herniated Disc; Disc, Herniated; Discs, Herniated; Herniated Discs; Lumbar is referring to the lower back L1-L5

Lower back pain below rib when lying down?

could be chronic arthritis, spinal istnosis, herniated disc, or muscle strains. Spinal istnosis is when something wrongs with the spine and herniated disc is bulging of lumbar disc. hope i helped!

What are causes of right side pains in human body especially in lumbar?

They are herniated disc and kidney infections.

Could you Use articular disc in a sentence?

"I think I have herniated my Articular Disc"

Diseases that cause pain in the left lumbar region?

Well, a herniated disc would be a favourite.

Can a bulging disc in the lumbar back cause headaches sore throats and red eyes?

No. There is no direct neurological or anatomical relationship between the lumbar spine and the head. A bulging or herniated lumbar disc is not capable of causing these signs or symptoms in the head since it is located further down the area of the spinal cord.

What are other names for a herniated disc?

A herniated disc is also referred to as a slipped, rupture, bulging, or protruding disc.

Where online can I find information on hospitals that specialize in herniated disc surgery?

There is no specific hospitals that specialize in herniated disc surgery. However, there are plenty of doctors that specialize in herniated disc surgery.

What is a subligamentous disc protrusion?

Lumbar disc protrusion is a common spinal disc condition that causes lower back pain and other symptoms throughout a patient's lower body. The lumbar spine (lower back) is susceptible of disc protrusion because it supports most of the body's weight and is extremely flexible.

What is the association of disc herniation and sciatica?

Lumbar disc hernias are commonly associated with sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lower back) due to disc protrusion or herniation that compresses the spinal nerve root radiating to the femoral or sciatic nerve.

What is C6-C7 herniation?

A herniated disc