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Any bump or knot on the testicle need to be looked at by a doctor. Could be nothing, could be cancer. Go to the doctor, ASAP.

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Q: What is a small not on the right testicle?
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What could be the reason the the right testicle has a pulse?

As long as blood is pumping through the testicle then it should have a pulse, the left testicle should have a pulse too.

Do males only come from the right testicle?


If you have a Small lump with white balls inside what is it?

a testicle

Does your right testicle drop down when you have an std?


You can not attract your right testicle to upward but the left testicle is move and you feel lower sensation than left testicle is it a problem?

Any testicle problems should be taken to a doctor. There are many reasons for differences. See the link below.

What is right testicle for?

same as the left, making sperm and semen

Why doesnt my right ball work?

You may have an undescending testicle.

What are some of Cabot testicle?

balls :PPtesticsls? u no what that means right

What happen when one testicle have not decended in a12 years old?

Don't worry,naturally the right testicle is lower than the left one.No big deal.

Should Right testicle moves out of the scrotum into the abdomen?

Only if you are 14. Otherwise, no.

What does it mean if you have a small bump on your testicle that changes sizes when you exercise?

i would get that checked out... by a doctor

What can be the problems if one of the testicle becomes very small?

People will make fun of you for an eternity.