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Q: What is the type of blood vessel that has the hightest percentage of smooth muscle and greatest resistance?
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What types of training elicits the GREATEST increase in the size and number of mitochondria in a skeletal muscle fiber?

circuit resistance training

Explain the relationship between weight training and progressive resistance?

Weight training versus resistance trainingResistance training involves the application of elastic or hydraulic resistance to muscle contraction rather than gravity. Weight training provides the majority of the resistance at the beginning, initiation joint angle of the movement, when the muscle must overcome the inertia of the weight's mass. After this point the overall resistance alters depending on the angle of the joint. In comparison, hydraulic resistance provides a fixed amount of resistance throughout the range of motion, depending on the speed of the movement. Elastic resistance provides the greatest resistance at the end of the motion, when the elastic element is stretched to the greatest extent.

How does resistance training work?

Resistance training works by inducing muscle contraction. Doing this helps build muscles and strength. That is because muscle contraction generates tension on the muscle and forces it to move.

What part of muscle do air boxing will build?

Very little. There is no resistance to exercise the muscle.

Can resistance exercise cause muscle hypertrophy?


What is isometric?

what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present? what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present?

How do you grow muscle without the use of steroids or supplements?

By working out. The more you pump iron and use those muscles through resistance training the more muscle you will have. If you're looking for lean muscle do lower resistance for longer.

Would the ratio of motor neurons to muscle fibers be the greatest at the muscle that control the eye?

Yes, th ration of motor neurons to muscle fibers are greatest for the muscles that control eye.

What percentage of a pitbull is muscle?


What happens to the muscle tissue in response to resistance training?

the muscle tissue breaks and then grows back stronger and thicker

What is a healthy muscle percentage?

A healthy muscle mass percentage is 28 percent, which is the average. Some may have 36 percent or more, and that is fine too. The more muscle mass you have, the higher the number will be.

What muscle fiber type typically constitutes the largest percentage of the total muscle fibers in most human muscles?

Skeletal muscles are the largest percentage of total muscle fibers in the human body.