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I am having the same problem, in that one eye will be up and the other is strait. I thought it only happens when I was tired but it's happening more now. I need help with it too. Some one email me if they know the answer to this.

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left eye's left eye is slanted than the right is and she got that name from a friend and it was not t-boz or chilli it was a member of new edition.

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Q: What was wrong with left eye's eye?
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Why wont your gerbil open her left eye?

if your gerbil doesn't open its left eye, something is probably wrong with it because i have 2 gerbils and and their left eyes open

Why would your eyes not move right to left or up and down?

There is something wrong with either the muscles that move the eyes or the nerves that go to them. You will have to ask an eye doctor (Ophthalmologist) about this.

What is wrong with prodigy's eye's?

he have brown eyes

What is wrong with dog that has eye boogers?

it has dirt in his eyes

What is wrong with Michelle Obama's left eye?

Nothing has been reported about her left eye, although at one time in 2008, a few bloggers said it looked as if something was wrong with it. But while she may have had an eye infection at that time, since then, there have been no reports of vision problems, nor any reports of eye abnormalities.

Which two muscles must contract in order to get both eyes to rotate the the left?

levoversion (looking left) involves:left lateral rectusright medial rectusThis is called conjugate movement (the eyes move in the same direction). Eye muscles work together with other eye muscles, of the same eye and the opposite eye, to move both eyes together in various directions. These are known as yoked eye movements.

What is the scientfic name for eyes?

Ocular Dexter (right eye) Ocular Sinister (left eye)

Am 70years if you close one eye you see good if both eyes are open you cant see good in your right eye?

I am not a doctor. bit it sounds like your right eye is just weaker than your left eye. Both eyes seem to have acceptable vision, but your left eye is stronger.

Can i get 2020 eye site in my left eye?

20 20 vision refers to the normal visual acuity, both in the right and left eyes.

What do you with your eyes?

Provided there is nothing wrong with your dog's eye, the best option is to leave it alone.

What was wrong with biggie smalls eyes?

no he had more of a drifting eye or a lazy eye, his eyes looked like that of a pug dog, they point in opposite directions.

What does two eyes in one eye mean?

One your right eye switches is good luck when your left eye switches it is bad luck