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Birth Control and sex education, it's not a person.

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Q: Who will solve the unwanted pregnancy?
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Is unwanted pregnancy really unwanted?

yes the people just wanted to have sex

What has the author Ann Furedi written?

Ann Furedi has written: 'Womens Health Guide' 'Unplanned pregnancy' -- subject(s): Abortion, Adoption, Decision making, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Unwanted, Unwanted Pregnancy

How do you reduce unwanted pregnancy?

By not having sexual intercourse.

What is cytotic?

a drug use for endeed unwanted pregnancy

What has the author Robert Bluford written?

Robert Bluford has written: 'Unwanted pregnancy; the medical and ethical implications' -- subject(s): Abortion, Induced Abortion, Unwanted Pregnancy

What can be done against an unwanted pregnancy?

The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to use birth control such as the contraceptive pill and or condoms. If you find yourself pregnant unexpectedly and are not ready to become a mother, it may be possible to abort the pregnancy.

How can you prevent unwanted pregnancy?

yu can get really brith control

Do condoms kill the mood?

No of course not- They protect unwanted pregnancy.

Why do you need to adjust the diaphragm?

Adjusting the diaphragm on a microscope controls the amount of light entering the lens, which helps to optimize the contrast and clarity of the image being viewed. Proper adjustment of the diaphragm can improve the visibility of details in the specimen being observed.

What has the author Sumati Kulkarni written?

Sumati Kulkarni has written: 'Wanted and unwanted fertility in selected states of India' -- subject(s): Birth control clinics, Family size, Fertility, Human, Human Fertility, Pregnancy, Unwanted, Unwanted Pregnancy, Utilization

What does underage drinking lead to?

* unwanted Sex, * vomiting, * diarrhea, * heart attack, * Death, * unwanted pregnancy, * and much more

Effects of not been chaste?

unwanted pregnancy or early fatherhood or motherhood