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Q: Will i live a shorter life with parkinson's and diabetes?
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Is it possible to have a normal lifestyle and still control my diabetes?

Unfortunately it is not possible to live a COMPLETELY normal life with diabetes. However, you can live an almost normal life. is a website dedicated to helping diabetics control their diabetes.

Is Nick Jonas mad he has diabetes?

i dont think nick is mad he has diabetes but he probably would prefer to live life with out having diabetes

What are the long term side effects of diabetes?

A person can live a normal life if it is controlled. Uncontrolled diabetes is asking for trouble.

Can you live a normal life with narcolepsy?

sure. just in shorter intervals...

How do you cope with stress while living with diabetes?

Learning of a Diabetes diagnosis is stressful on the person as well as on other family members. There are things which can help lessen the impact, however, and lead to enjoyment of life with Diabetes. For example, its important to educate yourself about all the available resources to help you, and to get the support of family members and friends early. By learning to live your life with enjoyment, despite the challenges of Diabetes, you can live a fuller, richer life and become a strong source of encouragement for others.

How long can a smoker with type 1 diabetes live till?

There's no expiration date that says XX/XX/XXXX. There is no set time for how long you have to live. Smoking and Diabetes do shorten life-spans though.

How is diabetes mellitus treated in alternative medicine?

There is currently no cure for diabetes. Diet, exercise, and careful monitoring of blood glucose levels are the keys to manage diabetes so that patients can live a relatively normal life.

Does a shorter person live longer than a tall person?

Height does not affect life-expectancy.

How long can you have parkinsons for?

Parkinsons is a disease that causes a breakdown of the central nervous system. As with many diseases there is no set time an individual can live for after being diagnosed, but will eventually lead to being unable to care for one's self.

When you become unable to eat talk or barely swallow with parkinsons disease how long will you live?

i am right you can edit this!

What are treatments for dog diabetes?

Treatment for canine diabetes is very similar to the treatment for type II diabetes in humans: weight loss, diet management, insulin injections and monitoring of blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels are regulated well, a dog with diabetes can continue to live a happy life for years.

How long does a clone live - will it live as long as a normal human being or will it live a longer or shorter life - under normal conditions with all the nutrients a normal human being needs - or not?

A clone can not live as long as you it can live shorter or longer but mostley shorter. A clone can live as long as it wants. Why do we need a clone? Do you think that a clone could feel like a natural being like us, can it feel frustrated, sad, joy or even hunger?