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A gram is a gram.

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A gram of weed would way 1 gram

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.5 grams = 0.017636981 ounces

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Q: How much does a half gram of weed weight?
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If you have a Half pound of weed how much do you put in a nickel size bag?

Half a gram/ .5g

How much does 60 dollars worth of weed weigh in grams?

The weight of $60 worth of weed would depend on the price per gram. If we assume the price is $10 per gram, then $60 would be equal to 6 grams of weed.

How much dose a dime bag of weed weight?

A dime bag typically contains about 1 gram of weed, but it can vary depending on the dealer.

How much would one gram of regualer weed cost?

1 gram-5-a joint 2 gram-10-a blunt 5 gram-half quarter-25 28.35 gram-oz-120 to 200

How much for a eighth of weed?

An eighth is 3.5 grams and costs $60. Weed generally costs $20 per gram. There's really no such thing called half an eighth, a dime and a dub, AKA 30 sack or a gram and a half is what you're looking for and it'll be $30.

How much does skunk weed cost?

i think its 5 dollars a gram and 25 a quarter think it cost the same as Reggie or dirt weed in weight...but its more potent

How much does a 5 sack of weed weigh?

It depends on the quality of the weed. "5 sack" means a bag of weed that cost $5. The price and weight ratio is relative to quality and supply-and-demand factors. See Sources and related links.Half a gram, if you're dealer is nice.

How much is in a dime of weed?

A dime bag typically contains 1-2 grams of weed, depending on the quality and location.

How much does a gram of weed wiegh?

A gram of weed typically weighs one gram, which is equivalent to about 0.035 ounces.

How much is weed in Amsterdam?

About 14$ a gram

How much weed is in a nickel bag of regular weed in Jacksonville FL?

A gram

What is the weight on a dime of hydro weed?

One gram with no baggie, 2 grams with.