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triprolidine and pseudoephedrine

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Q: What are the ingredients of the original actifed?
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What is Actifed?

Nasal decongestant.

What are the ingredients in Knox original Gelatine unflavored?

What are the ingredients in knox original gelatine unflavored

Can you take actifed and paracetamol?

Hopefully. update later.

Can you take Effexor with actifed?

what allergy meds are safe to take as an asthmatic

Why would a person need to use Actifed?

Actifed would be used by someone who is trying to treat symptoms of the common cold, flu or allergies. It is used to treat water eyes, itchy and sore throats along with nasal congestion.

Does actifed test positive for benzodiazepines in urine?

Yes it will test positive for about one week

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There is no milk included in the ingredients listed on the Manwich original label.

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Less calories than the Coors original.

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