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Gardasil is a vaccination that is intended to protect against four types of human papillomavirus (HPV).

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Q: What is a Gardasil shot for?
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Is the gardasil shot available to men?


How long to wait before getting the second Gardasil shot?

The normal wait is 2 months until the 2nd Gardasil shot. If you are late, you DO NOT need to restart the series.

Is it harmful to be high on marijuana and get a gardasil shot?

I'm about to find out

Does the third gardasil shot hurt?

They all feel the same.

Does the gardisel shot hurt?

The Gardasil shot hurts worse than almost any other shot I can think of. I got all three rounds of Gardasil last year. I got three other shots at the time of the first Gardasil (flu shot, tetanus shot, and meningitis), and the first Gardasil hurt worse than any of them. The second shot hurt worse than the first one, and the third one hurt worse than the second and the first one. It is worth it though, cancer is even worse. If you are getting the Gardasil shots, ask the nurse or doctor to inject a local anesthesia before the actual vaccine so that it doesn't hurt as bad.

How often do you get a gardasil shot?

Gardasil is given in 3 injections over the course of 6 months. You get the 2nd shot 2 months after the first one, and the 3rd shot 4 months after the second one. (Example: If you're first shot was on January 3, then the 2nd shot would be March 3, and the 3rd shot would be July 3)

Gardasil in chickenpox?

Gardasil is a vaccine for HPV. It has nothing to do with chicken pox.

Does gardasil affect birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between Gardasil and hormonal birth control.

Do you feel Gardasil is a safe drug for teenage girls?

Yes. A lot of teenage girls get vaccinated with Gardasil.

Does gardasil make you fat?

Yes gardasil vaccine shot can make you gain weight. Well at least with me it did. At first i didn't know what was the reason for the weight gain and from research from others who have used it they have said the same thing. But everyone's body is different so maybe your body won't allow you to gain weight but with me i can say yes

Can a girl have a late period to gardasil?


Why do they ask if there is any chance you may be pregnant before you get gardasil?

For people who are pregnant, Gardasil is generally considered safe. This is based on animal studies that looked at the effects of Gardasil during pregnancy. However, Gardasil is generally not recommended during pregnancy, as the full risks of its use are not known. It is recommended to wait until after pregnancy to get the Gardasil vaccine. It has not been studied in women, only in animal trials, so it is considered Pregnancy Category B (probably safe).