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knock knock

whos there

interupting cow



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Q: Are there Any jokes for little kids?
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Know any pond jokes?

No. I do not know pond jokes but you can find a lot of them at Jokes and Riddles for Kids at

What are good jokes for kids?

Good jokes for kids are like knock knock jokes or jokes that you find suitable for your kids. If you find that your kid is getting inappropriate jokes then look to their friends on that one. Also look to the father because the could be telling them none suitable jokes.

What are some jokes to tell to little kids?

knock knock whos there interupting cow inter... MOO!

Are there any jokes in To Kill a Mockingbird?

no there is not any jokes in it

Where can one find appropriate kids jokes?

Children's joke books contain many child friendly jokes also asking people you know for jokes for kids could give you more jokes as well. You could try making up your own jokes as well!

Did Elmo eat any kids?

No, he does not eat little kids; ever! :)

Where can one find jokes for kids?

There are many sources of jokes for kids. A good source would be a joke book targeted for kids. Jokes might include simple educational plays on words such as knock-knock jokes. You could also look electronically but an old school book is probably a better choice as the sites will collect information about you.

Is there any mermaid movies for kids?

the little mermaid

Know any frogs jokes or bed jokes?

You can find a number of jokes on frogs at

Does Michael Jackson have any of his kids in his videos?

On You Tube there's a video that has his kids in it when they were little.

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There is little information on it, but he does in fact have either 2 or 3 kids.

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yes there is plenty of jokes about romance. Like...

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