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Yes, Nevada was one of the states that refused to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

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2013-03-07 22:44:27
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Q: Did Nevada refuse to ratify the equal rights amendment?
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The majority of stateds that did not ratify the equal right amendment were locatedin where?

The majority of states that did not ratify the Equal Rights Amendment were located in the Midwest.

Why did Massachusetts initially refuse to ratify the Constitution?

it lacked the bill of rights

Use the word ratify in a sentence?

many people refuse to RATIFY the Constitution because they thought that it did not protect their rights

What is the number of states needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?

The number of states needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment is 38 out of the 50 states. This is over 75% of the total states.

Why did Anti-Federalists refuse to ratify the US Constitution?

Because of the bill of rights

Why did the state of Massachusetts refuse to ratify the Constitution?

They did not refuse to ratify the Constitution. Massachusetts was the 6th State to ratify it. Massachusetts only added a list of nine 'desired' amendmends whereby the rights of States and of individuals would be better protected.

What was the Women's rights amendment?

The 19th amendment gave the women the right to vote. There was an Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress in 1972, but it is three states short of the required 38 needed to ratify it and add it to the Constitution.

What amendment required the least amount of time to ratify?

The Bill of Rights. Ratified almost Right away.

Why did Virginia finally ratify the constitution?

because they were promised there would be a bill of rights amendment which was adding to the document

What amendment in the bill of rights allows people accused of a crime to refuse to testify against themselves in a trial?

5th Amendment

Where did the equal rights amendment fail?

The amendment had to be ratified by 38 states. It was ratified by 35. Three more states need to ratify before it can become the 28th amendment to the Constitution.

What promise did John Hancock make that had delagates ratify the Constitution?

John Hancock promised to have "The bill of rights" that had delagates ratify the Constitution. The bill of rights are amendments or rules that gave people rights for example the first amendment is the freedom of speech, religion, and petition.

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