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During war, most battles are usually fought by the foot soldiers who are usually under the guidance of the commanders.

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in the states south and west of Virginia

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Q: During the entire war most battles were fought-?
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During the entire Civil war most battles were fought?

in the stated south and west of Virginia

In which state were the most US Civil War battles Revalutionary fought battles fought?

New York saw the most battles during the Revolutionary War. A total of one third of all battles during the war were fought there. The Battle of Saratoga, New York was a turning point, and was instrumental in getting the colonists supports from the European rivals of Britain, France and Spain.

Which commander fought the most battles during the civil war?

It's hard to say. Cromwell has to be a contender, but Tomas Fairfax was involved in most of the major battles.

How many battles in the civil war were fought in Virginia?

There were 7 battles fought in Virginia in 1861. There were 29 battles fought in Virginia during 1862. Eighteen battles were fought on Virginia soil in 1863. A total of 46 battles were fought in Virginia in 1964. Virginia saw 17 battled during 1865. In total 110 battles were fought in Virginia during the Civil War.

Was most of the major battles fought in Luxembourg?

was most of the major battles of world war 1 fought in Luxembourg ...true or false

What were the major battles fought in the Vietnam war?

Operations Rolling Thunder, Linebacker, and Linebacker II (also known as the Christmas Bombings) were some of the most intense battles fought by US Airmen during the war.

Why is Shiloh one of the most famous battles fought during the civil war?

because the north win that time

How many Missouri battles in the civil war?

Missouri is officially reported to have had 1,162 battles and Skirmishes during the Civil War, ranking third behind Virginia and Tennessee for most battles fought.

Which state had the most battles in the United States?

The most battles in the US have been fought in Virginia.

In which state were most of the battles fought?


What two states had the most Civil War battles fought there?

Virginia and Tennessee were the two states that had the most Civil War battles fought in them. Virginia had 122 battles while Tennessee had 38 battles.

Why was there so much fighting in kansas during the civil war?

For the most part there were no major battles fought in Kansas during the US Civil War.