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was most of the major battles of World War 1 fought in Luxembourg ...true or false

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Q: Was most of the major battles fought in Luxembourg?
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Where were most of the major battles fought as in the civil war?

In the South

Which commander fought the most battles during the civil war?

It's hard to say. Cromwell has to be a contender, but Tomas Fairfax was involved in most of the major battles.

What US city has fought most battles?

I think Chattanooga was the only city that saw two major battles - if Chattanooga was classified as a city in 1863.

Was Andrew Jackson in the creek war?

Most major military leaders have fought in many battles near creeks.

What were the major battles fought in the Vietnam war?

Operations Rolling Thunder, Linebacker, and Linebacker II (also known as the Christmas Bombings) were some of the most intense battles fought by US Airmen during the war.

Where were the major battles fought?

Most of the battles of the American Revolution were fought on American soil. The battles took place in eastern north America, from Massachusetts to South Carolina.

What is the most major mountain range in Luxembourg?

There are no mountain ranges in Luxembourg.

Which state had the most battles in the United States?

The most battles in the US have been fought in Virginia.

In which state were most of the battles fought?


What two states had the most Civil War battles fought there?

Virginia and Tennessee were the two states that had the most Civil War battles fought in them. Virginia had 122 battles while Tennessee had 38 battles.

Where did most of the armed conflicts or minor skirmishes occur during the Civil War?

Most of the major battles did take place in Virginia, however there were battles and skirmishes that were fought from New Mexico all the way to Vermont.

Where were most of the battles fought?

Some were fought in what is present day Turkey, but most were fought in or around preset day Israel.