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By mail. They could sometimes even arrange for letters to be sent across the lines for delivery to relatives on the other side.

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Q: How did soldiers in the Civil War keep in touch with their families?
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How did soldiers in world war 2 keep in touch with their families?

they make codes called war codes and thats how they stay in touch with their family.

Are soldiers allowed to keep their uniforms after the civil war?


What was the nickname of the African American soldiers that helped keep peace in the west after the civil war?

Buffalo Soldiers

What did civil war soldiers do to keep clean?

They scrub-a-dub-dubbed.

How did ww1 soldiers keep in touch?

they sent letters back to there family didnt they ?

In World War 1 what did the families of soldiers do?

while the soldiers were at war the families wrote letters to keep the soldiers spirits up. life on the farm got much harder for the families as they had only the father at the farm. they would also send over gifts. the women would nurse the sick and injured

What did the Confederates hope to achieve in the Civil War?

The Confederate soldiers/government worked to keep slavery alive.

Why was music important to the civil war?

Music was one way to keep the soldiers from boredom and homesickness. Music also helps the soldiers when their marching by using the drums

What does it mean to be a cardboard soldier?

Cardboard Soldiers Help Families Cope - Cut-Out Replicas Keep Loved Ones Company While Overseas.

What motivated a soldier in the Civil War to keep fighting?

In the North, many soldiers fought because the believed slavery was wrong, but more fought because they needed the money or were drafted. In the South, men were also drafted, but most fought to protect their families and homes. To them, the Yankees were trying to take over their homeland, and for most Confederates, that was enough to keep them going. There are also stories of men carrying pictures of their families with them, which suggests that they looked to these for comfort and encouragement.

What does KIT mean in text?

Keep In touch

Who were Americas fighting in the civil war?

In the US Civil War, Confederate soldiers from the South fought against Union soldiers from the North. Both sides had to resort to conscription to keep their armies at full strength. The South passed draft laws first then the North had to do the same.

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