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The Boston massacre was more about propiganda than anything else.

I agree. The British troops who fired on Americans were basically being harassed and menaced by an angry mob. They fired only after they were pelted with snowballs, ice chunks, and rocks.

At the time of the incident there were many colonists who sere opposed to British troops being stationed in North America and they described the event in a manner that would discredit the British troops and gain support for their own campaign to rid America of the British Army.

The word massacre is also an overstatement as just five men died. It is one of the earliest example of the press influencing popular opinion.

It contributed to the American Revolution because the killing of five colonist angered the Americans, it was also used as a symbol of Enlish injustice in the colonies. This event was also used as a reason of why the colonist should break away from a corrupt English government that were trying to take away the colonist basic rights.

Another Answer is that the English shot and killed a couple of people in the boston massacure and they were feed up so they went to war

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Q: How did the Boston Massacre contribute to the American Revolution?
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