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They loved them! One of their gods was in the form of a leopard and the priests where often dressed in leopard skins - attractive or what?

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Q: How did the ancient Egyptians feel about leopards?
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What did the Egyptians hunt?

Ancient Egyptians hunted geese, ducks, and ostriches. They also hunted gazelle, antelope, and sheep, as well as lions, leopards, and ibex.

What do leopards feel?

Leopards feel smooth, and soft

What do leopards feel like?

Leopards feel smooth, and soft

When did ancient Egyptians practice religion?

The ancient egyptians practised religion when they first wake up to pray for a good day and whenever they feel bad. This lasted almost the whole time the egyptians rulled which was at least 3000 years.

Where were the ancient Egyptians based?

The ancient Egyptians were based in egypt.

Did ancient Egypt have jaguars or leopards?

Ancient Egypt did have jaguars and leopards. In fact, there was an ancient Egyptian goddess named Osiris that represented the leopard.

Most ancient Egyptians were?

most Ancient Egyptians were peasant farmers

What did the ancient Egyptians eat food with?

Ancient Egyptians eat with there fingers.

Which bird was sacred to the ancient Egyptians?

The ibis was sacred to the ancient Egyptians.

How did the Ancient Egyptians tell time?

The Ancient Egyptians developed sundials.

How did ancient Egyptians feel about the dead?

ancient Egyptian thought the dead were very important because they thought when they died they would go to the after life

Where are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians?

The descendants of the Ancient Egyptians are mostly the Coptic Egyptians, as the rest of the Egyptians are Arabs who came from what is now called Saudi Arabia. Since Ancient Egyptians were neither Arabs nor did they speak Arabic, most modern Egyptians have no connection to the Ancient Egyptians since they're Arabs.

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