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6 million Jews died during the Holocaust.

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Q: How many Jews were killed while in the work camps?
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How many jews were killed at the concentration camps?

Historians believe there was about 6 million Jews that died during the holocaust in the camps

What killed Jews in the Holocaust?

Hitler killed Jews, Nazis killed them, there were torture devices, and concentration camps. Many more things too.

How many Jews were killed in concentration camps?

Over 2 million.

How many Jews where killed in concentration camps?

Overall about six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. About half of the victims were killed in extermination camps and concentration camps, and the other half in mass open air shootings 'in the field' and by starvation in ghettos.

How many Jews were murdered in the concentration camps?

About 4.5 million of those who died in the Holocaust were killed in the camps.

How many Jews were killed in the Netherlands?

Not many Jews were killed within the borders of the Netherlands, but around 110,000 Dutch Jews were Killed during the Holocaust. Most of them were sent to Concentration Camps in Poland and Germany.

Where were the Jews killed?

Typically in any pogrom or genocide against the Jews, the Jews were killed in close proximity to where they lived, usually in the same town. The Holocaust was relatively unique in that Jews were first confined to ghettos and then shipped across the empire to concentration camps, labor camps, and death camps. Most of the outright-killing and gassing occurred at the death camps. However, abuse from guards, starvation, and disease killed many in the ghettos, concentration camps, and the labor camps.

What were prison camps in the holocaust?

Jews were sent to concentration camps to be tourtured and killed. Many were worked brutally until death.

How many Jews were killed in the camps overall?

# Killed in open air shootings - about 1.3 million # Died of general privation (for example, in ghettos) - 800,000 # Killed in extermination camps and concentration camps - 3.6-3.7 million

What types of concentration camps did Jews go to?

Jews were generally sent to extermination camps. Many were killed on arrival, others were worked to death. Very few survived.

How many Jews were killed in Germany between 1933 and 1939?

Not many Jews were killed between this time period in Germany. Is wasn't until 1939 that 300,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

How many yugoslavian Jews died during the Holocaust?

750,000 Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies were killed in concetration camps in Yugoslavia.

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