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Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of. In Los Angeles, you can make anywhere from $600 a week as a low-budget video editor, to $20, 000 a week as a film editor.

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2008-01-17 07:59:44
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Q: How much do people in video editing make?
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Video Editing?

Video editing software is becoming extremely popular with the rise of video websites like YouTube. Video editing software like Adobe's Premiere let's users combine video clips and photos, as well as add music and other audio to make fun, exciting videos and capture memories forever.

How much does a video editor make?

It depends on where you are (state) and what you are editing at which company. Many video editors live very well. If you are in Hollywood the minimum you will get paid for a movie would be $100,000 per movie. if you are editing a show (much more difficult) you can make up to like $300,000 per episode But editing shows are very hard. If you are self employed it doesn't bring in that much cash. The most that you are likely to make being a self employed Video Editor would be around $400 a day.

How much processing power do you need to run video editing softwareMy computer doesn't seem up to it?

Video editing software can use all the processing power you have. Consider a 2.4 Ghz. Core 2 Duo or better.

How much does a video editing get paid?

for a big budget (and I mean big) it could go up to about $350 per day

How much does a video designer make a month?

it depends on the video games you make

What are some good video editing software for skateboarders?

Hmm, for skateboarders in particular: Adobe Premiere Pro or NewTek SpeedEdit -- of course, these are also good for professional video editors, soccer moms, or, well, pretty much anyone. So, any good video editing software will do for skateboarding just as well as for any other type of video.

How do you edit a video in windows media player?

I do not think you can do too much video editing in media player. I think a Nero or Roxio software would be better suited for such a task.

How much memory do you need on a graphics card for good video editing?

It depends on how much money you are ready to spend. You can get a not bad video card with 256 Mb. But if you want to work efficiently it's better you have at least 512 SLI (1024 together). The best and most expensive is 1024 Mb vido cards which are create for video editing and gaming. It can cost as much as $700-1000 depending on brand and type.

Is 160 gigabytes a lot of memory?

It depends.If you take a lot of HD video and do a lot of video editing, then it isn't that much space.If you are an avid worker in Microsoft Office, it is a lot of space.

Buying Video Editing Software?

Thousands of people use video editing software to make changes to the videos they take. Obviously, all television shows and movies undergo extensive editing before they are released to audiences. For the average video maker, there are plenty of different options when it comes to editing software. Not all of these programs are the same, so a person needs to know which ones are the best.What to Consider When BuyingThere are hundreds of video editing software out there. In fact, most computers come with a basic editing program for free, but these won't always do the trick for individuals that need to do advanced editing. A person should consider their own needs when choosing an editing software. For instance, they might need to focus on software that allows for intricate sound editing or one that is geared toward special effects. Each person and each project is going to have different needs and requirements, so it's also good to consider a general software.How Much Does It Cost?Unfortunately, video editing software isn't cheap. Some programs are easily over $1,000 in price. Of course, a person can use the free software that is available, but it usually won't get the job completely taken care of. Therefore, it's a smart idea for most editors to spring the extra cash to get a great video editing program. Some individuals might need multiple programs to get their editing needs taken care of. A person should expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $2,500 for video software, depending upon different factors.Is Editing Software Necessary?Without a doubt, a person who films videos is going to need video editing software because a project that goes unedited looks unpolished and unprofessional. A person must take the time to edit their videos so that they are high quality and interesting to watch. Obviously, filmmakers and TV show producers have their projects edited to make them better. Without editing software, a person might find that their product looks incomplete.So then, video editing software is a necessity. It's sometimes necessary to have multiple programs to do the job completely. Most editors will be fine with an average editing program, but others will need something that is far more advanced. Of course, it just depends upon each individual project.

How much to make a music video?

Depending on what the artist wants in their music video and the cost of the items and setting basically everything you see in a video cost but you have to add the cost of people and the equipment.

How much do video editors make?

they make about 182,500 a year

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