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Australian people realised that the war had come to Australia. Before this, the war was in a far away place and didn't really effect the way they lived their daily lives.

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Q: How was Australia changed by the bombing of Darwin?
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Where are the most haunted places in Australia?

The most haunted place in Australia is Darwin, northern territory because of the bombing of Darwin

What dramatic event changed Britain relationship with Australia in 1942?

The Bombing of Darwin changed the relationship between Britain and Australia in 1942. The British refused to send the Aussie troops back to Australia to help defend the country from the Japanese attacks.

How did the Darwin bombing effect the Australian economy?

The bombing of Darwin pulled Australia into the war against Japan. Australia was totally unprepared for this attack. This bushed the country into a wartime economy which is actually advantageous for growth.

What part did Singapore play in the bombing of Darwin?

Singapore did not play a part in the Bombing of Darwin, which was carried out by Japan against Australia in 1942. Singapore's connection would be that the country fell to Japan just days before the bombing.

When did Bombing of Darwin happen?

Bombing of Darwin happened on 1942-02-19.

Did Australia have the permission to join the bombing of Darwin?

They Did not have much choice, since it was the Australians being bombed by the Japanese.

What were the outcomes of bombing on Darwin?

Australia developed a defensive strategy of abandoning the North and defending the 'Brisbane Line'.

When did Japanese bomb Darwin?

The Japanese bombed Darwin in Australia on February 19, 1942. A total of 242 Japanese aircraft took part in the attack, bombing ships in Darwin's harbor.

Why did Australia try to keep the bombing of Darwin a secret?

Because the government didn't want to have an Australian wide worry.

What parts of Australia did Japan invade in World War 2?

its was Darwin okay stuppid person asked this question how dumb could u be!! Japan did not invade any part of Australia. There was a bombing raid on Darwin.

Who was involved in the Darwin bombing?

The Japenese bombed Darwin at 9.58 in the morning which got Australia and Japan involved. They were trying to take out the forces of Darwin because they wanted to take over Indonesia and Darwin was defending themAustralia, Indonesia, and Japan

Why did bombing in Darwin occur?


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