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The British colony of Jamestown was founded on the coast of what is now the state of Virginia in 1607. The colony was named after King James of England.

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Q: In 1607 the British founded their first colony and called it?
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Who founded the first british colony of Singapore?

the first British colony in Singapore is......................................

What was the first American colony called?

I think it was Virginia colony. Or the plymouth Colony. Depends on what you are studing. :) Good Luck!The first permanent British colony was Jamestown founded in 1607The first permanent colony was St. Augustine, a Spanish colony in FloridaThe first British colony was Roanoke, but everyone disappeared

What colony did Samuel Adams live in?

First Adams lived in the british colony then he lived in the dewitts colony and founded the Georgia colony

What were the people called that found the first colony in Pennsylvania?

The people the founded the first colony in Pennsylvania were the Quakers.

What was the first colony founded at Jamestown called?

Jamestown virginia

What colony was founded first?

The colony of Virginia was founded first out of the New England settlement in 1607.

Who founded the first colony in Georgia?

The colony of Georgia was the last of the original thirteen British American colonies to be established. It was founded by General James Oglethorpe in 1732 who named it for George II.

What was the first colony founded in the New World?

Technically Plymouth was the first colony founded, but it did not last. Therefore, the first permanent colony was Jamestown.

What was the first British colony in US?

The first British colony in the U.S. that was successful was Jamestown, but the very first colony was the Roanoke colony.

What was South Carolina's first settlement?

The first settlement in the state of South Carolina was the Province of Carolina. This colony was founded in 1670 by the British.

How was America settled?

America was settled by Europeans who first came to the country in small numbers. The first colony was Jamestown and was founded by the British.

What was the 1st permanent British colony?

The Colony of Virginia was the first one that was meant to be permanent. The oldest colony still owned by the UK is Bermuda, founded in the late 1600's.

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