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The German word "raus" means "(get) out."

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Q: Is there a German word that sounds like rouse?
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What does German word rouse mean?

Rouse is not a German word

What is the German word for yes?

the German word for yes is "ja" the j sounds like an English h so kind of like 'hya'

How do you pronounce the German word for river Rhine?

The German word for the Rhine is Rhein. It sounds just like it would in English.

What does the German last name Houy mean?

Houy sounds like the German word "heu"which means hay.

What is the translation of the German word buchhaltung?

German is a very complicated language and the word buchhaltung in German translates to accounting in English. Buchhaltung actually kind of sounds like Chinese when pronounced in German.

How do you pronounce the German word for grandfather?

The word is Grossvater. The R's are rolled or flipped. Other than that, Gross sounds pretty much like the English word spelled the same way. The V of "Vater" sounds like an F. The A sounds like it would in English "Father."

Name of a German blood sausage that sounds like Johnny?

I have never heard of a blood sausage that sounds like Johnny.... but the German word you're talking about is Blutwurst (blootverst if spelled phonetically for English speakers)

How do you use the word rouse in a sentence?

Tina gave an impassioned speech, hoping to rouse the crowd to action. The word rouse is a verb. Some synonyms for rouse are arouse, electrify, awaken, and inflame.

What is elephant in German?

The German word sounds the same but is spelt slightly differently "Elefant".

What is a word that sounds like comer?

this word sounds like comer " comer'

What word sounds like was?

buzz sounds like was

How do you pronounce the German word Tante?

Sounds like "taunt" in english, with less of a u sound, and an e added at the end.

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