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Territories, Weapons of Mass Destruction ( ex. Nuclear Bomb ). Discrimination, Terrorist Attacks, Misunderstanding against each others interests and intentions.

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Q: Name 5 possible reasons for wars between countries and nations?
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One of the PRIMARY reasons that trade between nations takes place is because?


What were some reasons NOT to join confederation in British Columbia?

Other countries might not like youno railwaythe exclude women and first nations

What are the possible reasons for copyright law?

Most countries' laws indicate or specify that the intent of the law is to encourage creativity.

What countries are not part of the UNESCO?

Countries that are not part of UNESCO include Kosovo, Taiwan, and South Sudan. These nations are not part of the organization due to political reasons or lack of recognition by a significant number of UNESCO's member states.

3 importance resons why nations trade?

there are 4 powerful economic reasons for countries to trade: - Comparative advantage (Able to produce something more efficiently than other countries) - Economic of scales (lower cost due to specialization and mass production) - International competition => beneficial for the world - Spread of technology Other non economic reasons -Increased consumer choice -Political and social gains due to trade treaties (Peace between countries who trade)

Why do you think poorer countries tend to be in the south and richer countries tend to be in the north and list some possible reasons?

One possible reason is historical colonialism, where wealthier nations in the north exploited resources and imposed economic systems on poorer nations in the south. Additionally, geographic factors such as climate, natural resources, and access to trade routes can also contribute to economic disparities between northern and southern countries. socio-political systems and corruption in some southern countries may hinder economic development compared to more stable systems in the north.

What reasons did developed nations moved their business to developing nations?

burnn riubber 4

Do nations today form alliances with one another for the same reasons?

Yes, nations today form alliances for various reasons such as mutual security, economic cooperation, strategic interests, and to enhance political influence on the global stage. Alliances help countries pool resources, share information, and work together to address common challenges or threats.

What are possible reasons for the conflict between christianty and Islam?

There should be no reason for conflict between christianity and islam. The only reason I can think of is dirty Politics

What is the relationship between India Pakistan and Bangladesh?

They were all part of the British empire, and over a period of time from the 1940s to the 1970s they split into the countries that they now are. They are all countries in Asia. India borders Pakistan and Bangladesh, being in between the two countries. All 3 countries play cricket. Diplomatic relations between the three countries have been mixed, for many reasons.

What are all the names of the people who fought in World War 1?

Some countries have accurace (or as accurate as possible) records of who fought in their forces in World War I; but some countries for various reasons have little or no records of this information.

List three reasons why people left their countries-Push factors?

Reasons why people left their native countries