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I would say that WWII was caused by both historical and economic factors because the are interdependent. The treaty of Versailles made Germany repay repatations, it made them mad. Also Depression was also all throughout Europe.

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2011-09-13 16:45:10
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2016-12-14 19:17:43

World War Two was not caused by economic or historical factors. The driving force behind the offensive operations by Japan, Germany, and Italy were caused by political ideologies. This also guided the Soviet Union to be complicit with Germany's desire to expand eastward into Poland. Stalin saw the opportunity to acquire one half of Poland based on a secret clause in their non-aggression pact with Germany. Japan and Italy began their aggressions prior to 1939 based on the desire to gain power. Germany prior to 1939 was able to expand by using "diplomacy" with France and England. When Hitler invaded Poland, he actually believed that France and England would not go to war with Germany in that nothing they could do could save Poland, which in a few weeks was under Soviet and German control.

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Q: Was World War 2 caused by economic or historical factors?
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