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no he was in the battle of Stamford bridge

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Q: Was harald hardrada in the Battle of Hastings?
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How did harald hadraada control England after the Battle of Hastings?

Harald Hardrada died at the battle of Stamford Bridge a few weeks before the battle of Hastings.

Why did hadrada win the battle of Hastings?

Harald Hardrada did not win the Battle of Hastings, he was killed earlier at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Harolds bad luck in Battle of Hastings?

His men were tired from the battle with Harald Hardrada.

Why did harald hardrada divide his forces into two at the Battle of Hastings?

harold hardrada wasnt at the battle of hastings, He was defeated at stamford Bridge a few days earlier

When did William the duke of Normandy and harald hardrada fight?

William of Normandy and Harald Hardrada did not fight. Harald Hardrada was killed in battle about two weeks before the Battle of Hastings, where William fought and defeated Harold Godwinson.

Who was involved in the battles of Hastings?

in the battle of Hastings there was Harald hardrada , there was harold godwinson and finally there was william the conqueror hope this helps !!

Who were the three contestant of the Battle of Hastings?

Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William Duke Of Normandy

How did Harold hardrada get defeated in the Battle of Hastings?

Harald Hardrada wasn't in the battle of Hastings. He was in the battle of Gate Fulford and Stamford Bridge, he was defeated at Stamford Bridge by Harold Godwinsson; Harald Hardrada was hit in the neck with an arrow and then attacked by 3 English troops. Harold Godwinnson was defeated at the Battle of Hastings by possibly an arrow to the eye, or being hacked down by Norman Cavalry.

How many soldier did Harold Hadraada have at the Battle of Hastings?

Harald Hardrada was not at the Battle of Hastings, he had been killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge near York by the army of Harold Godwinson.

Which men fought in the Battle of Hastings?

erm... i think it was harald hardrada, harold godwinson and william of normandy... i think

What did Harald Hardrada do after he didnt get the throne of England?

after Harald didnt get the throne of England he went into the battle of hastings and fought by dividing his army into 2 halfs

What connections are there between Harald Hardrada and Harold Godwinson?

They fought before the battle of Hastings on a bridge in London. Harold Godwinson won

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