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no, it was before the series of Intolerable acts.

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Q: Was the stamp act apart of the intolerable acts?
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What was not included in the so- called intolerable acts?

The Stamp Act, passed in 1765, was not one of the Intolerable Acts.

What acts were included in the Intolerable Acts?

The 4 intolerable acts were the Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend act, and the Tea Act.

Is the stamp act one of The Intolerable Acts?

yes it is.

What were the various acts that british parliament passed?

The Parliament act of 1911 is part of the constitution of the United Kindom. This act has to do with limiting the power of the House of Lords. It limits their power to veto.

Who made the sugar act?

The British Parliment passed the Sugar Act, the Intolerable Acts (Cohersive Acts), and the Stamp Act.

What were some of the tax acts in colonial times?

There was the sugar act, molasses act, townshend acts, coercive aka intolerable acts, tea act, and the stamp act.

What American revolution acts were repealed?

The Stamp Act, which was later replaced by the Sugar Act in 1754, followed by the Townshend Acts and Intolerable (Coercive Acts)

What acts did British place on the colonists because of the party?

the intolerable acts and the stamp act. the intolerable acts were when the British started raising taxes to a hefty price. the stamp act was when the colonists had to pay tax on every single piece of paper consumed. a stamp on a piece of paper indicated that the piece was paid for.

What did the Americans call the coercive acts?

Intolerable act

What did the first Continental Congess do to fight the Intolerable Acts?

because it needs to oppose the stamp act

What legislation was renamed the intolerable acts by angry and horrified colonist?

Coercive acts

What was the name of the new tax that ws imposed on all American colonists?

The Acts imposed on the Colonists were the Sugar Act, Quartering Act, and Stamp Act.