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Q: What 13th original colony has the most people?
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Which colony was located in the southern region of the U.S.?

Georgia was the southern most colony of the original 13.

What original colony fathered the most presidents?


What colony is the southern most colony?

The most southern of the 13 original Brittish colonies was Georgia. Florida was part of Spain and therefore a Spanish colony. . the southern most colony is Florida

Are all of the Friday the 13th movies censored?

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Did cartier start a New World colony?

he did but it was unsuccessful and most people of the colony died

Who settled in Georgia?

"English Men" An Englishman named James Edward Oglethorpe settled the colony of Georgia March 12, 1732. It was the 13th colony of the original 13 colonies. During the Civil War (one of the most bloodiest wars of the USA) Georgia was one of the Confederate states.

What colony had the most people in 1700?

Virginia with some 59,000 people.

How did most people in the colony support themselves?


What was the name of the colony located in Georgia?

The last American colony was: "The colony of Georgia," which later became the state of Georgia. It was the 13th colony in America, founded 50 years after the original 12 and funded by the British Parliament as a place to ship off inmates from crowded debtors prisons. The prisoners (most of whom were non violent) were simply not able to pay off their past debts and the new colony was a chance for them to start a new life. This is called indentured servitude, which is similar to slavery. The Georgia colony represented the first time that area of land was marked on a map as a defined location outside of past Indian control. The original charter granted control of the colony to a group of trustees for 21 years. However the original trustees were never able to establish their own government fully in control over the people and when they eventually gave up; rather than being a free colony, Georgia became a royal colony with a governor appointed by the king of England. The colony of Georgia later became the 4th US state when the governing body approved the US constitution and signed it's allegiance to the United States instead of England, officially converting it from the colony of Georgia to the state of Georgia.

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Who were the people in the New Jersey colony?

Some people in the new jersey colony was john berkley and george carteret

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