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DoD - Department of Defense

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Q: What Cabinet department attends to military operation?
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What cabinet department attends to working conditions?

Department Of Energy

What cabinet attends to military operations?

The Secretary of Defense.

What cabinet attends to foreign affairs?

The minister

Who attends cabinet meetings?

members of parliament (

What are the objectives of an operation department?

An operations department typically attends to the administrative, logistical and other duties that are necessary for an organization's day-to-day functioning (operations). They're the people responsible for producing whatever it is that the other department sells (sales and marketing) or accounts for (finance).

What does 'military brat mean?

A child raised in a military family, usually someone who moves very frequently and attends many different schools.

What is a cabinet memeber?

Well the job of a cabinet member is to help make the tough decisions that the president cannot make on his own. they also are the people who write down everything from every polintical meeting that the president attends.

What comes after governor and senator?

a city mayor attends an event in a neighboring city. does he outrank a one-star military general?

How do you say hold on a moment in french?

"attends" or " attends une minute" or "attends une seconde" (shorter, of course:)

Who attends the state of the union speech?

It is given to a joint session of both houses of Congress and the Cabinet and other high-ranking government official usually attend. Of course, it is broadcast world-wide on TV.

What is the main clause of My brother attends Notre Dame University?

My brother attends.

Are US Marines a part of the US Navy?

They are under the Department of the Navy. However they are their own branch of service. Once an officer attends the US Naval academy he can opt to join the Navy or the Marines. They are two services funded under the Department of the Navy.

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