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The three social classes would be:the upper,middle,and lower classes upper classes included preists,kinds.landowners,merchants,and government officials. middle classes included all people who were free and the lower classes included Slaves.

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Q: What are the social classes in sumerian society and who was in each one?
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What are the social classes of rome?

The social classes of ancient Rome were the divisions of society. Each class had its distinctions and privileges. Class was determined by birth, but could be upgraded (or upclassed) by the accumulation of wealth. The classes were the patricians, the plebeians, the equites, the proletariat, the freedmen and the slaves.

What was important about ancient Rome's social class?

Which social class? Ancient Rome's society was divided into several classes as it was part of their culture. Each person knew his class and the social mores that their class incorporated.

How did each of the four groups of people that made up sumerian society contribute to that society?

nobles, commoners, clients, and slaves

What were two ways in which Sumerian society was similar to our society today and what were two ways they were different?

Sumerian society was like today's society a combination of rural and city living. Like today's (USA) society, it had a population with several ethnic backgrounds. Unlike today's society, Sumerian society worshipped a great number of gods and each city had its own gods to add to them. Secondly, Sumerians believed that the earth was a flat disc.

How did each of the social classes contribute to the Renaissance in Italy?


How did the different Aztec social classes interact with each other?

no way

How did properity lead to the developments of social classes?

Well, since prosperity is economic success and social classes are people who are alike...(social classes-a group of people who have similar backgrounds, income(money), and way of living) Prosperity lead to social classes by people learning more about each other and exploring. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! have fun in social studies....

What was each social classes in ancient rome like?

They were different becuase each class did something different

What did William sumner believe social classes owed each other?

Absolutely nothing

What were the mound builders social classes?

There wasn't much of a social class ranking. They were pretty good with each other with the help of the chief.

What did William graham Sumner believed social classes owe each other?

Absolutely nothing

How was Aztec society organized and why was it successful?

The Aztec society was based on the city-state. Citizens were divided into two classes, nobles and commoners. Each city-state had a local ruler, who was under the rule of the powerful King. The nobles and commoners each had their own hierarchy. The highest commoner had almost social power as the lowest of the nobility.

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