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Their style and cooking.

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Q: What are two examples of French influences in Quebec?
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What two colonies were founded by the French?

Quebec and Arcadia

What two colonies were established by the French?

Louisiana and Quebec

What are the two official languges of quebec?

French and English

What is a place in Quebec?

There are many places in Quebec. Montreal and Quebec City are two examples of cities in Quebec. Within Montreal, there is the Biodome and the Olympic stadium.

What are Two examples of external influences that can impact your tourism industry?

Blah :)

Into what two parts was the former french colony divided?

Quebec and Arcadia

French influence is strong today in which two areas of the Americas?

Quebec and Louisiana

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Why does Canada have two official languages?

French is mostly spoken in Quebec but since Quebec is part of Canada then they recognize it as Canada's second language but Quebec has tried many different ways and wants to be its own country. It speaks two different languages because they were settled by the English and the French.

Which two langauages are spoken in Canada?

French and English, as some provinces are French. Like Quebec and they speak some French in New Brunswick.

What languages are spoken in Quebec Canada?

Quebec has two languages. French and English. However, French was made the official language of Quebec in 1974 and English is spoken by only a small minority (Anglophones).French and English, with french being slightly more prevalent

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The two examples of the influence of heredity on personality are intelligence of a child and a child being timid or courageous. This will be determined by the environment that a child is subjected to.

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