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The pharaoh always lived in the capital city. In ancient Egypt, that was Memphis.

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Q: What city did The pharaoh live in?
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How and where did a pharaoh live?

A pharaoh lived in his place. The pharaoh lived like a king and had servants to serve his every wim.

Who was the oldest pharaoh to live?


Where the vizier live?

they live in the same palace as the pharaoh or near

Where did ancient Egyptian pharaoh's live?

in their temples

What do Pharaoh live in?

Pharaohs lived in castles

What city did snefru live in?

Snefru was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who is believed to have lived in the city of Memphis, which was the capital of Egypt during his reign in the 26th century BCE. Memphis was a prominent political and religious center in ancient Egypt.

What pharaoh built a city to honor himself?

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What city did horus represented?

He didn't represent a city. He was the God of protection of the pharaoh and god of the sky. He had the head of a falcon. The pharaoh was believed to be a living Horus. His mother is Isis the goddess of fertility and goddess mother.

Where did the pharaoh live?

A pharoah was a ruler/dictator/monarch in ancient Egypt.

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