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The first major camp that the British Army reached was Bergen-Belsen, which was liberated on 15 April 1945 by the 11th Armoured Division. They were greeted by walking skeletons. The camp had about 60,000 prisoners at the time, many of them suffering from typhus and other diseases. (There were also an estimated 13,000 unburied corpses strewn around the camp). For 2-3 months after liberation the death toll remained high. The place was desperately overcrowded and insanitary. What the British soldiers saw was a scene of unimaginable Horror. It was reported at the time by the BBC's Richard Dimbleby and was filmed extensively by the British Army - and later shown in cinemas in Britain and the US. It was also shown to all German prisoners-of-war held by the British.

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Q: What did the British soldiers see in the death camps?
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What did Eisenhower see when he actually saw the death camps?

He saw the Jewish prisoners that were starved to death.

Where did Americans first see the horrors of Nazi death camps?

American soldiers first saw the horrors of Nazi death camps when they liberated them at the end of World War II. The most well-known camp that Americans encountered was Auschwitz, located in Poland. The sight of emaciated prisoners, piles of bodies, and evidence of mass extermination shocked the soldiers and brought the reality of the Holocaust to the forefront of their consciousness.

Imfamous complex of death camps in Poland?

You are probably thinking of the Auschwitz group of camps. Please see the related question.

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some of them are these:starvationUTI`s ( urinary tract infections)many died from untreatable sicknessesmany got sexually and physically abusedas you can see all of these are quite harsh and most of the soldiers didnt care about the people that were there. many other people called the concentration camps death camps.

What is the estimated number of Nazi Death Camps?

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Camp's where Jews were sent in World War 2?

Auschwitz. (Please see the related question).

Where were the first death camps?

The main extermination camps were all in Poland, which had a very large Jewish population. Please see the related question.

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Technically, Neuengamme (with its 80 sub-camps) was a concentration camp. However, it had an unusually high death rate. About 50% of the 106,000 prisoners sent to the Neuengamme group of camps perished. See link.

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