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Womens Rights!:)

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Q: What did the Declaration of Sentiments At Seneca Falls Call For?
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When did the seneca falls convention draft the declaration on sentiments?

Well, the Declaration was first made public July of 1848. It was drafted on July 16-19, 1948. Mary Ann M'Clintock, her two daughters Elizabeth and Mary Ann Jr., as well as Elizabeth Stanton all met at M'Clintock's house on July 16 to discuss the convention what all will commence. They each discussed their views concerning the plight of women at the time. Later on one of the M'Clintock women decided that they should formally declare their resolutions. Modeling it after the Declaration of Indepedence, They decided to call their document the Declaration of Sentiments. Between July 16-19, Stanton made some revisions, but overall the document it still a collective document containing the resolutions of every woman involved.

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What did the second continental congress call the declaration of independence?

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