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How much Germans knew about the campsThe first concentration camps were intended mainly for opponents of the Nazi regime, and enough was known about conditions to deter opposition. Many Germans were afraid of ending up in a concentration camp. There was even the well known saying, "Dear God, make me mute, so that I won't get sent to Dachau". (Lieber Gott, mach mich stumm, dass ich nicht nach Dachau kumm').

The existence of the extermination camps was also known in outline, though many Germans didn't want to know about the Holocaust and took the line of 'hear no evil, hear no evil'.

Answer #2On the other hand even opponents of the regime (like Anna Seghers) are reporting that the concentration camps were declared as "correction camps" for dangerous individuals... fact is, nobody can really say how much this or that German knew about all this... I can hardly believe it when they say they didn't know anything - in the same time I can imagine the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, hurrying from one place to another were surprised - as they reported themselves - when they heard the rumours later on... some of them didn't see deportations, etc. and burning bodies could be covered by saying "we burn our deads after the bomber attacks" later in war.

So it's hard to say - the first answer gives an important idea. It's of course true that some people that had delivered their own family members or neighbours to GESTAPO (secret state police) pretended later they didn't know anything about that. But it wouldn't be correct to call a German a liar if he/she would tell you, they didn't know what happened - it's just hard to say...

Further pointsObviously, the Nazi regime tried hard to keep the genocide of the Jews secret, but some information did get out, for example, some soldiers home on leave from the Eastern Front, did talk a little about mass shootings and so on.

As for the ordinary concentration camps, they were feared.

On the more general issue of what was known, here is what the historian Helga Grebing (born in 1930) wrote in an early, respected short history of the Nazi period:

'Protective custody, the concentration camps, the boycott of Jewish businesses, etc., emigration, persecution, the Yellow Star, the treatment of prisoners of war and slave labourers from Eastern Europe - nobody who lived in the Third Reich can claim to have known nothing, absolutely nothing, about all that'. […]

'In 1945 the mass of silent, inconspicuous fellow-travellers claimed never to have had anything to do with Nazism'.

Helga Grebing, Der Nationalsozialismus: Ursprung und Wesen, Günther Olzog Verlag, Munich, 1964 pp. 130-31. (First published in 1959).

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Q: What did the German people know about what was happening in the camps?
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Did German people know the cruelty that is happening in the camps?

Many did but they ignored it. The camps were not in remote places. Dachau is only 15 or 20 miles outside of Munich. That isn't far and people could see the black smoke from the ovens.

When did US know about German concentration camps?

The US did know about the concentration camps prior to Pearl Harbor, they just did nothing about it.

Why did they make concentration camps for the Jews?

So the people of Europe and Germany in special would not know what was happening to them. The Nazi's made everybody believe the Jews would be send to working camps, but we know better now. A few camps truly were working camps with humane conditions, however they were only used to make propaganda movies. These movies would make the people believe that nothing bad was happening to the Jews and also even worse, would make Jews turn themselves in to Nazi-search parties because they thought the conditions weren't that bad after all. A final reason is the effect on the German army itself. Before the camps German soldiers had to mass execute the Jews. Ofcourse this would lead to trauma and demoralisation, effects the Nazi's didn't want.

What were the end results for Germany in World War 2?

if you mean what happened after Germany after they were being invaded, then i can answer you. after people fond out, they were ging to come to invade the German armies and rescue the survivors from the camps. and if it wasnt to late for some of the camps, they tried killing as many of the people in the camps as possible. and the u.s army made the Germans walk through the camps to make them see what it was that was happening. because many didnt know. or they lied saying that they didnt know. then it came to an end for Hitler. when he found out that he was going to be killed, he poisned his wife and dog and shot himself. hope this answers your question.

What types of things were used to kill people in consentration camps?

Nerve gas, bullets, and fire. Not many people know that in addition to the concentration camps, the German SS soldiers were eventually allowed to kill any Jew on sight, anywhere.

Did German children know about the concentration camps in world war 2?

yes, they were not a secret.

What did the world know in 1942 about what was happening in Europe?

Europe lay under German domination.

Did the Jews know what was going on?

Jews had some idea of what was happening. Most of their friends would just disappear and even in concentration camps they noticed people leave and never come back.

Did America know about the European concentration camps?

They knew about them, but there was little they could actually do about them until they had defeated the German armies.

Did people know what was goin on inside the extermination camps?

not exactly, but they knew that people met their fate there. The further one lived from the camps, or major transport routes, the less they would know.

Why does the UN keep the North Korean prison camps active when they know what is happening in there?

The UN has no power to override ruling activities in another country.

Why were the German people unhappy with the weimar republic?

I know

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