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They were both feudal.

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Q: What did the governments of the Zhou and Shang dynasties have in common?
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How are the Shang and the Zhou governments alike?

Both Shang and Zhou Dynasties had weak government.

What governments did the zhou and shang dynasty have in common?

They were both feudal.

Did the shang and zhou dynasties have writing?

Yes they did

What area did the shang and zhou dynasties control?

northern china plain

What were the names of China dynasty?

The dynasties are Shang dynasty,Zhou dynasty (Eastern Zhou and Western Zhou),Han Dynasty and Xia dynasty

What is a dynasty what are the names of some of the first chinese dynasties we earned about?

Some of the ancient Chinese dynasties include Xia, Shang and the Western Zhou dynasties.

What metal was a symbol of wealth and prestige in both the Shang and Zhou dynasties?

High quality bronze

Who was Emperor Shang Zhou?

These emperors were actually two people. They were greate leaders of ancient China. The Shang and Zhou were two different dynasties, although they came one after the other on a historical timeline.

What are four famous Chinese Dynasties?

Han Dynasty Zhou Dynasty Qin Dynasty Shang Dynasty

What were the 4 major Chinese dynasties?

There is the Zhou dynasty, the Qin dynasty, the Han dynasty, and the Shang dynasty

What is the importance of luoyang?

Kurac It is the ancient capital for over 9 dynasties of China, namely Shang, Western ZHou, Eastern Zhou, Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, North Wei, Sui and Tang dynasties.

What are five similarities between the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou dynasty?

The similarities between the two dynasties are they both had rulers had religions.

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