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Q: What did the people in the civil war think about Jefferson Davis?
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What was something Jefferson Davis do for the people?

the first answer was "nothing", but I strongly disagree about that. Jefferson Davis did many good things for the people of the South, but not for the people of the North. Jefferson led his people to fight for what they believe in, even though what they believed in was wrong. Jefferson Davis was actually not such a bad guy, once you think about it....

Who were the leader of the south during the civil war?

Jefferson Davis P.G.T. Beauregard Joseph E. Johnston Robert E. Lee Stephen Mallory all i can think of

Who were friends with Jefferson Davis?

i think Colonel Zachary Taylor

Who were Jefferson Davis friends?

i think Colonel Zachary Taylor

Who was president for the confererate?

the President of the Confederate Union during the American Civil War was Jefferson Davis. I think that's what your question was. It looked like you said, "Who was president for the confererate?" But I know what you mean.

Who was a Mississippi explorer starting with a j?

i don't know but i think Jefferson Davis

Did Jefferson Davis have any children with slave women?

Jefferson did have a wife and I think 4 kids! You should visit the Monticello, Jeffersons home! It's in Virginia.

When did Jefferson Davis ask for surrender of the unoin?

I think you are missing the point. The war was for southern independence. It was not a true civil war where 2 or more factions fight to control 1 government. The south wanted it's own country.

Who controlled federal buildings in the south by April 1861?

I think its the Confederate army. Under the command of Jefferson Davis

What were the important people in the south during the civil war?

General Robert E Lee and his right hand man Stonewall Jackson were by far the most important men in the south during the civil war. The turning point of the war came after "stonewall" Jacksons death during the battle of Chancellorsville May 2 1863. I guess we cant forget to mention Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederate states.

Did Jefferson Davis have a beard or a goatee?

Did Thomas Jefferson have any facial hair? No. Thomas Jefferson once quoted that he did not like that.

Who was Presisint during the civil war?

Lincoln if u are talking about U.s. confederates was a guy named Davis i think