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The proportion of human labor used in the production of farm goods dropped by measurable degrees as a result of farming advances

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Q: What effect did advances in farming have on farm labor?
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How did changes in farming help pave the the way for the industrial growth?

Changes in farming meant you did not need as many farm workers, and labor was available for industrial operations.

What is the meaning of mechanized farming?

mechanized farming is where farm machines replace human labor. Such as tractors, threshers, combines, etc.

Why would the farming inventions cause people to move away from the farms and to the cities?

Before the inventions, farming was labor intensive. After the inventions, farming became less labor intensive. In English, fewer people were needed to farm, so the extras left.

Effects of inventions and improvements in farm technology?

The inventions and improvements in farm technology have had a tremendous effect on the farming community. Crop yields have greatly improved due to inventions and improvements in farming technology.

What's the effect of the mass development of farm labor-saving machinery?

The Agriculture Reveloution

What does south Korea do to make up for a farm labor shortage?

uses modern equipment and more efficient farming techniques

Before learning to farm what were people?

Before learning to farm, people were hunters and gatherers. It was around the end of the Stone Age when humans first started to learn farming. Farming was less labor intensive and people began to form communities.

What advances did the Han dynasty make in farming?

Well let's see, Han allowed the farmers to own their own farm, allowed them to use a certain weapon for military uses for farming instead, and a pit field system.---Amed

What is subsistance farming?

When you farm for you and your family and not for making money.substitance farming is when u farm for family and self needs.

What is the difference between farming and subsistance farming?

Farming is when you are working on a farm for money. Subsistance farming is when what you produce on the farm is what you eat or use. None is sold as there is only enough to survive.

Is dairy farming considered a non farming or a farming enterprise?

Dairy farm is a farming enterprise; it is a part of agriculture because dairy cows (which are classified as livestock) are raised on a farm and fed feed which is grown and harvested on that farm or sourced from elsewhere.

What are some farming advances?

Some farming advances include a wider variety and uses of technology like GPS, computer programs for things like feed formulation for livestock and calculating financial costs of the farm, incorporation of new-old tricks like mob grazing and no-till cropping, use of cloning, GMOs and fertilizers to increase plant and animal productivity. Other advances in agriculture in the form of technology minimize the number of hired hands needed on the farm, versus what was needed 100 years ago. There are always new agricultural advances coming up all the time as well.

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