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You see, the Anasazi Indians live in the desert so, they mixed sand and water. Then they let it bake in the sun. It is called adobe. They built their homes into the sides of cliffs.

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Q: What housing type did the anasazi people have?
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What different types of housing were built by anasazi?

The Anasazi people lived in cites carved out of hill sides.

What type of houses did the Anasazi people leave in?

were the Anasazi wanders or did they settle in one area

What type of transportation did the anasazi people use?

They walked.

What is the connection between the Pueblo and Anasazi housing?

The Modern Pueblo people are the direct descendants of the Anasazi or ancient Pueblo people (as many now prefer). So the building techniques gradually changed over time but are directly related to one another.

Whom were the pueblo Indians similar in their housing and farming customs?


How were pueblos used?

pueblos were used as multi-roomed housing for the anasazi

What different types of housing where built by the Anasazi?

it was built by kivas and publeus

What is the connection pueblo Indian and Anasazi housing?

they have same kind of house

Where can you find pictures of Anasazi?

There are no pictures of the Anasazi, as they were an ancient people.

What did the Anasazi Indians accomplish?

They accomplished a lot. People remember them for their mud stone blocks. These blocks made up their housing and other buildings.

What type of housing do Guatemala people live in?


What type of transportation did the Anasazi use?

They walked.