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Vietnam is referred to as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam is still considered a Socialist country, but since the war, they've adopted many Capitalistic practices.

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Q: What is Vietnam classified as today?
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Why is Vietnam a NIC?

Vietnam is classified as the NIC because the Americans and the Australians helped them Industrialise by giving them money.

Who is the dictator today in north and south Vietnam?

There is NO North Vietnam & South Vietnam today (and there hasn't been a north & south for over 30 years; when the north conquered the south, ending the war in 1975). Today's Communist Vietnam is President Triet.

How did Korea and Vietnam achieve their current forms of government?

Which Korea and which Vietnam? Today's Vietnam or the old North and South Vietnam?

Saigon was the capital of the former south vietnam what is it today?

Today, it the most populous city in Vietnam and the economic center of the country, even though the capital of Vietnam is in Hanoi.

What did the government keep from us about Vietnam?

National security matters are authorized to be classified.

Are north Vietnam and south Vietnam united into one country today?


Is Vietnam split today?

Vietnam reunited in 1976 after the end of the Vietnam war, South Vietnam (democratic side) losing to North Vietnam (communist side).

How is Vietnam's government today?


Which country won Vietnam war?

The former NORTH Vietnam won the war; they are known as just Vietnam today.

How were tanks built?

The first tanks were constructed of riveted steel. During the Vietnam War, the M48 Patton tanks were built of cast one piece steel. After the war, today's tanks are made of classified synthetics.

Why are there still classified Soviet documents today?

There are still classified Soviet documents today because they regard the information as highly confidential.

Annam is today a part of?

Annam is today a part of: Central Vietnam